As you may know, Rob has a handful of unreleased tracks that we know of. One of which is ‘Nowhere’.

In the recent Q&A over on YouTube, Rob mentions there may be a future of sorts for this track 🙂

Do like Nowhere. As soon as I sort out the words in the second verse I’d be more than happy to do something with it. Shouldn’t be that hard but for some reason is. They’re just not of the same standard as the words to the first verse (s). Thanks for the waiting.


Rob discuss Album 2

The Orchestral Sessions found on the EP are working towards the album. They won’t end up on the album in the same way. Some might not even make it to the final tracklist. Thanks for pre-ordering the Misc. Sessions EP. We recorded it last week in Abbey Road Studio 2 with a 10 piece section and a 50 piece section. They’ll also be a film (in the same way as The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Times Sessions) which was recorded. Hope that answers some of the questions. You’re more than welcome to ask more if not. Thanks again, R.